ABAX is an independent and award-winning publisher of ELT materials with offices in Tokyo, Japan and in San Francisco, California. ABAX texts are in use in universities, colleges, high schools and private language schools around the world.
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BREAKING NEWS: Fiction in Action: Whodunit  has won the 2011 ELTons Cambridge ESOL International Award for Innovation!

Last November, Whodunit was awarded The Duke of Edinburgh's English-Speaking Union English Language Award 2010 in an awards ceremony held at Buckingham Palace. Congratulations Adam! Congratulations Marcos!

An eText through Creative Commons!

Fiction in Action: Whodunit. The world's first ELT eText available through Creative Commons. Click on the cover to find out more.



Coffee or Krashen? Coffee, thanks.

At the recently concluded KOTESOL International Conference held at Sookmyung Women's University in Seoul, a colleague of mine elected to miss Krashen’s plenary presentation and have a cup of coffee instead while I chose to attend the plenary. I'm not sure I made the right choice…

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Nothing to do with us; everything to do with us

The Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement has had me feeling more positively about things than I have in a long time. A lot. No, make that a whole heck of a lot. But what exactly does this have to do with a smallish publisher of English language teaching materials. Well, nothing really… except, well, everything.

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ELT for Tohoku and Books Doing Good

ABAX is happy to be part of two charitable efforts in Japan this year. 

1. ELT FOR TOHOKU: The first of these is ELT for Tohoku. 15 publishers have donated a total of 17,000 books to this effort. Books are given out in exchange for donations, proceeds of which will go towards rebuilding efforts in the part of Japan stricken by the earthquake and tsunami of March 11th. ELT for Tohoku books can be found on display at any of the ETJ conferences and at regional and national JALT conferences. They can also be ordered directly through speciality booksellers such as ELT Books or English Books. ABAX titles that have been donated to this effort are Fiction in Action: Whodunit and Come Fly With Us. We have also donated 200 copies of the Helbling Resource book, Language Hungry! by Tim Murphey. Minimum donation for a book is half price.

2. BOOKS DOING GOOD: The second activity we're involved with is Books Doing Good. This is the third time round for this. Once again, ABAX along with LSI  (with assistance from englishbooks.jp and NPO JALT—big thanks to both organizations!) will have a Books Doing Good space at the annual JALT conference (in the back of the ELT Materials Exhibition, opposite where you pick up the conference bags). Over the past two years we've raised almost ¥200,000 which we donated to the charity, NPO Lesa.  The money has been used to help with English books and other items for kids in Vietnam born with AIDs as well as being used to contribute to an English study scholarship fund in Vietnam. We are once again working with NPO-Lesa in 2011. 

How this works: You donate the books to us. We pay shipping and put the donated books out for display at the JALT conference. Books are available for a minimum donation of ¥100. Any left over books (there haven't been many!) are then shipped to Peace Boat to be passed out to villagers in East Africa. A caveat, books must NOT be language textbooks or resources books on teaching languages. Any other books written in English are very, very welcome!

Before the conference: If you have any books you'd like to donate to this cause, you can send them to:

     englishbooks.jp 〒880-0913宮崎県宮崎市恒久1丁目2-18    

     englishbooks.jp, Tsunehisa 1-2-18, Miyazaki-shi, 880-0913
     Tel: 0985-41-6611

     Please label each box: Books Doing Good

At the conference: Paperback novels, nonfiction books, books for self help, business  and for children. All 100 yen each (though you're welcome to give more!). We'll be putting out new books each day. Stop by. Peruse and choose!