American Plus
Tuesday, April 16, 2013 at 01:08AM
ABAX America

American Plus: The format we follow for our texts for the learning of English is American Plus—that is, while American English is the main element in all our texts, we also expose students to other standard variations, increasingly important in a world in which English is more and more the way people from different nations communicate. In other words, we aim our texts at students who wish to learn American English as a tool for communication but as a tool they are likely to use in an international setting where they are likely to be meeting speakers of other varieties of English.

Searching around the web the other day came across the English Plus Movement and saw an admittedly loose parallel of sorts here. In the movement originating letter sent from the Spanish American League Against Discrimination to then Secretary of Education, Bill Bennett, the League stated, "English by itself is not enough. Not English Only, English Plus!" Plug in American English for English and you have much of what we mean by American Plus.

(This short post the first of five over the next five days in a blogathon initiated by Tyson Seburn of 4C.

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